To print your postage name, go to My eBay > Sold things, and select Print postage name alongside the sold thing you need to send. This will take you to the eBay conveyance controlled by Shutl mark buy stream.


For both Royal Mail and eBay conveyance administrations, you can change the postage points of interest before you purchase and print the name, so make sure to choose the correct administration for your thing including velocity, weight and bundle estimate so it arrives securely with your purchaser with no extra charges.

At last, select Confirm and Pay to pay utilizing your PayPal account and to continue to mark printing. You can print straightforwardly to a working printer from your PC or work area PC.

Printing your eBay postage mark



Purchase and print postage on eBay

When you’ve sold something, you can purchase your postage and print conveyance marks in My eBay.

Purchasing postage on eBay is frequently less expensive than what you’d pay on the off chance that you purchased stamps or postage marks specifically from the bearers. Besides you’ll spare time by printing your postage names at home and maintaining a strategic distance from the lines. You can get to a scope of conveyance benefits on eBay, including Royal Mail and eBay conveyance fueled by Shutl, which offers you a scope of conveyance administrations offerd by national transporters specifically through the eBay stage, and invoiced around the center of every month.

Furthermore, when you purchase your postage with us, we’ll naturally transfer the following in My eBay (visibile to you and your purchaser), and let your purchaser realize that the thing is en route.

Purchasing postage on eBay

Printing your eBay postage mark

Postage rates

Send it out the door

Postage marks termination and abrogations

Utilize followed administrations for genuine feelings of serenity

When you utilize followed administrations, you’ll have the capacity to check whether your thing has been conveyed or not, and in addition having the capacity to give your purchaser evidence of postage and ensuring you if there should be an occurrence of thing not gotten cases. Following is incorporated on the off chance that you utilize eBay conveyance controlled by Shutl, in addition to you can exploit exceptionally aggressive rates which can be less expensive than a few transporters’ non-followed administrations.

Purchasing postage on eBay

eBay conveyance fueled by Shutl is a stage that enables UK venders to buy conveyance marks at aggressive rates. Merchants would then be able to take their sold things to their closest drop-off area or have them gathered. eBay conveyance offers just completely followed administrations, securing you in case of a thing not got or thing harmed in travel guarantee. You’ll additionally profit by month to month internet invoicing.

Moreover, you can purchase and print Royal Mail marks by means of the eBay stage. You’ll have to choose the right size and weight for your bundle, and after that drop your thing at your neighborhood Post Office for conveyance.